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This is a list of the Heads of Household whose family history you will find by clicking on their name. To help find a family connection, this list gives the names of wives, children and also their spouses.


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Head of Household Spouse/s Children and their Spouses
Adams Thomas Adams 1) Julia Ann Trapps
2) Elizabeth Kimm
3) Emma Jane Goldfinch
Thomas Henry Adams m Alice Wall

Amy Elizabeth Adams m James Vincent Conroy

Amelia Jane Goodban Adams

Emily Florence Dorothy Adams

John Lemmon Adams m Evelyn E Sparrow

Jacob Bruce Adams

Alice Beatrice Adams

Charles David Adams

Naomi Adams m Henry Wiffen

Nathaniel Adams

Adkins John Thomas Adkins Harriet Crambrook Ellen Adkins

Harriet Adkins

John Benjamin m 1) Mabel Frances Hudson
2) Sophie McKenzie ??

Apps James Richard Apps 1)Elizabeth Hope
2) Martha Vincent
James Edward William Apps m 1) Margaret Murray
2)Louisa Sarah Marie Holder

George Hope Apps m Annie Eliza Ouzman

Herbert Alfred Apps m Amelia Ding

Florence Beatrice Apps m James Samuel Blackett

Eleanor Gertrude Apps m George Washington van Abbott

Ada Vincent Apps

Mary Vincent Apps

Ernest Robert Apps m Elizabeth Rebecca Ann Tarry

Austen Francis William Austen
Bell Eleanor Constance Bell
Bell John Bell Jane Fox Ann Fox Bell m James Barber

Edward Cooke Fox Bell

Blitz The Antonio Blitzes
Bristow John Bristow Elizabeth Petty John Bristow m Elizabeth Burton

Mary Bristow m Edward Young

William Petty Bristow m 1) Mary Ann Chapman
2) Mary Jane Penn

Henry m Louisa Hayward

David Bristow

Elizabeth Ann Bristow

Brown Edmund Brown
Brown George Brown Mary Alice Amos Annie A (Amos) Brown m Henry Thomas Skinner

George Charles Brown m Mary Elizabeth Kemp

James Brown m Emily Charlotte Weller

William John Brown m Elizabeth Jackson

Frederick h Brown m Emily Elliot Wooley

Walter Ashley Brown m Florence Mable Crofts

Arthur Ernest Brown

Gertrude Eleanor Brown m Robert Smith

Sydney Amos Brown

Brown Thomas Brown
Browning Joseph D Browning 1) Mary Ann Annall nee Cornwell
2) Elizabeth Chambers
Ellen Browning m Robert L Evans

Agnes Jane Browning m Henry T Hennett

James Matthew Browning m Elisa A Wraight

Eliza Jane Browning m Arnoldus Gouda

Charles Browning m Winifred Spencely

Joseph Herbert Browning m Jane Rowntree

Bush Edward Bush 1) Sally E Tipper
2) Jane Baker
Louisa A Bush m John Cooper

Fanny Bush m Edward Cooper

Joseph Henry Bush m Mary A Bull

Edward Bush m Elizabeth Coverdale

Bushell Thomas Baker Bushell 1) Caroline Ann Paul
2) Julia (Ursula) Kelly widow nee Knowles
Caroline Ann Bushell m Thomas James Usher

Thomas Paul Bushell

Mary Ann Elizabeth Bushell m Patrick John Kent

Elizabeth Jane Bushell m David Clough Broadhead

Frances Field Bushel m Edwin Page Turner

Jane Paul Bushell m Frederick Henry Webb

Ann Adkins Bushell

Cavell Charles Cavell Elizabeth Upton George Upton Cavell m Frances Pinyon

Morris William Cavell m Alice R Martin

Frances E m William T Hill

Sarah A Wyborn m William W White

Cavell Stephen Berwick Allen Cavell Ann Phillis Edwin Cavell

Henry Cavell m Maria Bayley

Alfred Cavell m Helen J Price

Emma Cavell

George Cavell m Ann Jarvis

Matilda Cavell m Warner J Knowles

Cavell Thomas Vincent Cavell Elizabeth Eastes Thomas Eastes m Sarah Ann Hills

John Sylvester Eastes m Mary Davis

Sarah Eastes m Edward Thomas Rose

Elizabeth Mary Eastes m Emily Canham

Cavell William Matson Cavell
Collyer Herbert C D Collyer
Cunningham George Cunningham Catherine Meakins (or Mackins) Catherine (Kitty) Cunningham m Charles Urbain

Elizabeth Cunningham m 1 ) John Marks
2 ) Thomas Smith

Hannah Cunningham m 1) John Moorcroft
2) Charles Urbain

Susannah Cunningham m Stephen Arlott

Anne Cunningham m John Evans

Cutfield Alfred B Cutfield Elizabeth Kennett Alfred K Cutfield m Mary Jane Timewell

Elizabeth Cutfield m Leonard J Penon

Henry Arthur Cutfield m Emily Mary Withers

John Finnis Cutfield m Annie Brassey

Arthur Cutfield m Agnes Mary Hulme Nee Fincham

George Cutfield

William Cutfield m Eliza Frances Leatham

Cutfield John Cutfield 1) Ann Thompson
2) Ann Willis Stokes
Mary Ann Cutfield .

George Thompson Cutfield

William Cutfield

Mary Ann Cutfield m Henry King

Frances Charlotte Cutfield m Edward Henry Steed

Harriet Leonora Cutfield m William Gostwyk

George Cutfield

Henry Cutfield

Alfred Baker Cutfield m Elizabeth Kennett

Darby Edward Darby
Dixon John East Dixon
Douglas Robert Gordon Douglas
Edwards James Barber Edwards Mary Jane Barber James Mercer Edwards m Ann Mary Gaunt

Robert Edwards m Elizabeth Ainsworth

Mary Elizabeth Edwards

Louisa Edwards

Edward John Edwards

Flower Joseph G Flower Sarah Rose William John Flower m Sarah A D Chichester

Matilda Rose Flower

Henry Joseph Flower m Ellen E Meakins

Albert Martin Flower m Sarah A Nipper

Joseph George Flower

Foat Jesse Foat Jane Wanstall Frances Susan Foat

Frederick William Foat

John Peake Foat

Samuel Foat

Henry Horton Foat

George Charles Foat

Frederick Jesse Foat m Emma J Denne

Folwell Joseph Folwell Hannah Batchell Valentine Folwell

Maria Folwell

Joseph Folwell

Folwell Valentine Folwell Sarah Hodges Valentine Folwell

Henry Folwell

Charlotte Folwell

William Folwell m Juliet Dunbar

Elizabeth Folwell m George White

Thomas Folwell m Frances White

Caroline Folwell

Mary Ann Folwell m William J Andrews

Franklin H Henry Franklin Annie Pavey William John Franklin

Annie Maud Franklin m Percy Parker

Ada Pavey

Franklin W H William Henry Franklin Jane Verrall William Franklin

Mary J Franklin m James Tracy

Henry Franklin m Annie Pavey

Frederick Franklin m 1) Lucy Annie Maria Castle
2) Emily Newman

Eliza Franklin m William George Chinn

John Franklin m Flora Carte

Friend William B Friend 1) Hannah Archer Bayly
2) Lucy Broad nee Palfrey
William Bayly Friend

Emily Friend

Alfred Friend m Mary J Wells

Elizabeth Mary Friend

Walter John Friend

Mary Hannah Friend

Lucy Ethel Friend m Walter J Reynolds

Walter Charles Friend m 1) Bertha Marshall
2)Ethel E Trott

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