James & Ellen Peake

9 The Strand

Occupation: Chemist

After her husband, James died in 1869, Ellen was left with a very young family to support. It seems her brother in law, Robert Peake moved his family from Dover to take over the chemist at no. 9 The Strand. Ellen moved her family next door to no. 7 (Rose the Tailors ) and the Rose family moved along the Strand to Russel Terrace. By 1891 Ellen, her children and her niece and nephew are all to be found living together in the city of Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA. Both Ellen and Marian become teachers of English in the local school with Marian being employed there for 50 years and still remembered for her skills in the 1960s.

From U.S. School Year Notebook 1961

Both James and Edgar become Doctors and serve as Captains in WW1. James is temporarily blinded during the battle for Passendale 1917.

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