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This is a list of the Heads of Household whose family history you will find by clicking on their name. To help find a family connection, this list gives the names of wives, children and also their spouses.

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Head of Household Spouse/s Children and their Spouses
Moss John Moss Martha Ann Atkins Stephen John Moss

Isaac William Moss m Elizabeth Kennison Jell

Walter Henry Moss m Emma M Barton

Martha Ann Moss m William C Newing

William Joseph Moss m Sarah E Bailey

Elizabeth O Verrier Moss m Henry John East

Sarah H Moss m Ernest R Hill

Mourilyan Thomas Longley Mourilyan 1) Elizabeth Irvine
2) Augusta Pain
Charles Thomas Mourilyan m Lucy Delecia Barton
Munday William Redman Munday Ann J Batchelder William R Munday

George James Munday

William R Munday

Richard Munday m Susan E Pleadwell

Emily Munday m John Brown

Norris George W Norris
Orrick The Orrick Sisters’ Parents
Thomas Orrick & Mary Bowman
Francis Benjamin

Alexander Richard m Elizabeth Harriet Mumbray

John Thomas

Temperance Jane

Richard William

Mary Jane

Ann Elizabeth m James King

Maria Harriet Ann m Thomas Gregory

Pain David Bruce Payne Elizabeth Woodfall John Bruce Payne m Emma Jane Knight

Alexander Bruce Payne m Ellen mary Philips

Arthur Malcolm Brice Payne

Lilian Mary Bruce Payne

Edgar Stuart Bruce Payne m Annie Flora Rosier

Eutace Murray Bruce Payne m Mary Edith Dumersco

Mabel Bruce Payne m Leonard Burton

Edward Melville Bruce Payne m Marguerite Burnham Fair

Hilda Janet Bruce Payne m 1) Ross Wood Wakefield
2) Rev Arthur Harryman

Orlebar David Bruce Payne m Emma Constance Baxter Coggin

Parker Thomas Parker Mary Ann Ralph Thomas Daniel Cox Parker

James Parker

Davis Paker m Emily James

George Spinner Parker

John Parker m Katherine Fitch

Alfred Parker

Annie Parker

Peake James & Ellen Peake Ellen F Palmer Ellen Frances Palmer Peake

Marian Palmer Peake

James Palmer Peake m Lucy Gertrude Wilmott

Kathleen Palmer Peake

Edgar Palmer Peake

Penny Edmund Penny Madeline Harney nee Webster Emma Eugenie Penny m Albert Vincent Edwards

Edmund Philip Penny m Florence E Clarke

Chloris Lillian Cotton (Penny) m Joseph Edward Holman

William James Penny

Lillian Madeline

Pettit John Pettit Ann Mantle George Pettit

Elizabetyh Mary Pettit

Peter George Pettit m Elizabeth Rose

Thomas Mantle Pettit m 1) Ann Davis Gimber
2) Esther Lockyear

Jane Solly Pettit m Aaron Wilcocks

Mary Pettit

Richard Deveson Pettit

William Terry Pettit

Pritchard Stephen Pritchard Harriet Keys Harriet Keys

Charlotte Jane

Quill Evelyn
Ralph Benjamin Ralph  Elizabeth Simmons James Ralph (Simmons) m Mary Mourilyan

John Ralph m Jane Nazer

William Ralph

Edward Ralph

Mary Ann Ralph m 1) George Abialbon Horlock
2) John Pond
3) Michael Francis Tindale

Sarah Ralph m William Foster

Elizabeth Ralph m Vincent Ladd Atkins

Thomas Ralph m 1)Mary Parsons
2) Sarah Caister Laker

Edward Ralph m Eleanor Eastes

Henry Knight Ralph

George Ralph m Elizabeth Ann Barber

Rammell William Henry Rammell 1) Sophia Maxted Baker
2) Florence Louisa Kemp
John Rammell

Cecillia Rammell m Tom Barker Shuttleworth

Sophia Rammell

Frederick Miller Rammell

Ernest Rammell m Florence Wyborn

Annie B Rammell

Walter Rammell m Emily Merritt

Agnes Rammell

Reaks Henry Tritton Reaks Amelia Sophia Loop Selina Ann Reaks m David Mc Dougall

Frederick Pyott Reaks

William Henry Reaks

Alfred Meffen Reaks m 1) Anne Hoverton
2) Emma Pim

Emma Reaks

Henry Tritton Reaks

Clara Sophia Reaks

Henry Tritton Reaks

Reaks James Reaks Sarah Dixon Belsey
Reaks Thomas Reaks Mary Belsey Sarah Ann Reaks

James Edward Reaks m Bethia Kate Kingsmill

John Reaks

Harriet m John Reynolds Hammond

Redsull William Henry Redsull
Rippin Daniel Rippin Mary Jane Poole Anna Sophia m Edward B S Benest

Mary Louisa

Philip Herbert m Mary W Simpson

Cecil John m Marie A J Schlossmacher

Roget John Lewis Roget
Rose Ambrose Ann Aldridge James Aldridge m

Clara Aldridge m Samuel Pierce

Elizabeth Aldridge m

Stephen Aldridge m

Mary Ann m John Fuller

Jarvis Aldridge m

Eliabeth Aldridge m Thomas Leach

Sarah Aldridge m William Wood

Lucy Ann m Stephen Wood

Rose Edward T Rose Sarah Cavell Elizabeth Ann Rose m George Woodcock

Thomas Edward Rose m Julia Barlow Louise

Sarah Rose m Thomas Cowee

Frederick John Rose m Sarah Southwell

Emma Mary Rose m Robert F Cooper

William Arthur Rose Herbert Vincent Rose m 1) Emma Fanny
2) Kate J Mortimer

Annie Louise Rose m Walter J Hare

Laura Jane Rose m Walter J Hare

Ellen Frances Rose

Edith Emily Rose m Albert Harris

Alfred Ernest Rose m Louisa Creacher

Clara Jessie Rose

Sarah Eastes Rose

Rose Herbert Vincent Rose 1) Emma Fanny Darby
2) Kate Jane Mortimer
Edith Emma Rose m Herbert John Chilvers

Ernest Vincent Rose m Sarah Beesley

Louisa Sarah Rose

Minnie Victoria Rose m Harry Leon Wood

Herbert Victor Rose

Alfred Thomas Rose

Percy Edward Rose m Mary Reid McPhee

Ronald Mortimer Rose m Dorothy Chick

Rose Reginald Rose

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