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This is a list of the Heads of Household whose family history you will find by clicking on their name. To help find a family connection, this list gives the names of wives, children and also their spouses.


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Head of Household Spouse/s Children and their Spouses
Goldfinch Thomas Goldfinch 1) Ann Newing
2) Lucy Darby
Ann N Goldfinch

Sarah J Goldfinch m Charles Smythe

Thomas B Goldfinch m 1) Ann Mary Furley
2) Hannah Plummer

Lucy D Goldfinch

Martha D Goldfinch m James Wood

Charles William Goldfinch

John Goldfinch

(John) George Matthew Goldfinch m Sophia Redman

George Lynch Goldfinch m Mary Futter

Sarah L Darby Goldfinch m Thomas H Lauder

Goymer Richard S W Goymer Eliza M Holbrook Ada Goymer

Eliza Goymer

Ann Goymer m William G Alder

Richard Goymer m Emma Stephenson

John Goymer m Pheobe Ratcliffe

William Goymer m Sarah A Hallock

Ellen Goymer

Hammond George Hammond
Hayward Henry Thomas Hayward (the younger) 1)Margaret Catherine Spinner
2) Kate Clark
Elizabeth Sarah Ann Hayward

Henry J Hayward

Elizabeth Jane Hayward m Henry Edward Marshall

Charles Thomas Hayward

Annie Hayward m Alexander Upton

Henry John Guy Hayward

Isaac Garnet Hayward

Emma Elizabeth Hayward

Alice Maud Hayward m William Ashington

Herbert Arthur Hayward m Ruby Loretta Dighton

Margaret Ellen Hayward m James Ball

Florence Amelia Hayward m Christopher W Mercer

Dolly Hayward

Violet Jessie Hayward m Albert J Copper

Dorothy Kate Hayward

Albert Edward Hayward m 1) Daisy E Denne
2) Mabel S Norris

Halford John Halford Frances Cox Mary Halford

Sarah Halford

Frances Halford m Edward Jones

Sarah Halford m William Thomas Hobbs

Alfred Halford

Mary Ann Halford m Thomas Bishton

Thomas Halford

John Halford

Harding Henry John
Hayward E Edward Hayward Julia Martha Hayward

Ellen Hayward m Daniel Richard Shilabeer

Edward Hayward

Edward Hayward

Fanny Hayward m Frank Chorley

Agnes Hayward

Agnes Hayward

Frank Hayward m Millicent Amelia Randell

Arthur Hayward

Egbert Hayward m Elizabeth Jane Andrews

Frederick Hayward m Edith Doyle

Hayward H Henry Thomas (the elder) Jane Rolt Henry T Hayward

Henry T Hayward

Edward T Hayward m Sarah Miles

Thomas Hayward

Francis William Hayward

George Frederick Hayward

Hayward I Isaac Gammon Hayward Eliza Walters Henry T Hayward m 1)Margaret C Spinner
2)Kate Clark

William G Hayward m Susannah Bouldon

John G Hayward m Sarah A Epsley

Isaac Hayward m Susannah Nicholls

Thomas Hayward m Ellen Lovegrove

Hayward T Thomas Hayward jnr. 1) Keziah Gammon
2) Dorothy Tapley
Thomas Gammon Hayward

William Gammon Hayward m Frances Chitty

Keziah Hayward m Henry Weston

John Gammon Hayward m Mary Clement

Sarah Anthony Hayward m Henry Terry

Maria Gammon Hayward

Isaac Gammon Hayward m Eliza Walters

Thomas Hayward

Dorothy Hayward m William Weston

Thomas Hayward m Sarah Jane Carroway

Ann Gammon Hayward m John Thistleton

William Gammon Hayward

Henry Thomas Hayward m Jane Rolt

Edward Tapley Hayward m Sarah Montgomery

Hayward T Thomas Hayward sen 1) Mary White
2) Margaret Priest
Richard Hayward m Mary Carr

Lancelot Hayward m Mary Whendell

Thomas Hayward m 1) Keziah Gammon
2) Dorothy Tapley

Robert Hayward

John Hayward m Marian Ann Wilkins

James Hayward m Mary Holbrook

Hill Lucy Hill
Hobday Edward Hobday Elizabeth Went Frederick Willoughby Hobday m Mary Ann Smith

Susannah Hobday

Frances Elizabeth Hobday m James Coveney

Sarah Ann Copper Hobday m William Ewell

Mary Jane Hobday m John Bass

William George Hobday m Susannah E Pott

Emma Went Hobday m William W Dyke

Holman Harry Holman Louisa Josephine Chiswell
Holman William Edward Holman Pricilla Mary Unwin Harry Holman m Louisa Josephine Chiswell

Joseph Edward Holman m May Lillian Penny AKA Chloris Lillian Cotten

Alice Emma Holman m John Edward Robinson

Ellen Louisa Holman m Frederick Hearne

Alfred John Holman m Doreen Elsie Warren

Frederick James Holman m Violet Foxwell

Hulke William Hulke Elizabeth Pollard King William King Hulke m Ann Street

Thomas Manley Hulke m Ellen Barrett

Mary Ann Hulke m Edward Wilmott

Robert Shaw King Hulke

Louisa Burton Hulke m Samuel Alderson Plumer

Emily Jane Hulke

John Whitaker Hulke m Julia Grace Ridley

Elizabeth King Hulke

Frederick Thomas m Charlotte Backhouse

Charles Hulke

Frances Charlotte Hulke

Ellen Noakes Powell Hulke

Victor Hulke

Hussey Charles Hussey
Iggulden Edward Iggulden Dorothy Leith Mary Elizabeth Iggulden m 1) William John Hawkswell Bowen
2) John Molyneux
Jones Frances Jones nee Halford Edward Jones Edward Jonesm Fanny Balcombe

John Halfod Jones

Richard Jones

Thomas Jones

Fanny Jones

Lass Frederick W Lass
Leith Frederick Leith 1) Elizabeth A Williams
2) Jane Ball Bradley
Frederick Wingfield Leith m 1)Helen Philip
2)Florence G Marden
3) Lillian J Spurgen

Henry Hugesson Leith

Florence Leith m Reynell J Pack Beresford

George Piercy Leith

Alexander James Leith

Lister Joseph Lister

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