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This is a list of the Heads of Household whose family history you will find by clicking on their name. To help find a family connection, this list gives the names of wives, children and also their spouses.


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Head of Household Spouse/s Children and their Spouses
Goldfinch Thomas Goldfinch 1) Ann Newing
2) Lucy Darby
Ann N Goldfinch

Sarah J Goldfinch m Charles Smythe

Thomas B Goldfinch m 1) Ann Mary Furley
2) Hannah Plummer

Lucy D Goldfinch

Martha D Goldfinch m James Wood

Charles William Goldfinch

John Goldfinch

(John) George Matthew Goldfinch m Sophia Redman

George Lynch Goldfinch m Mary Futter

Sarah L Darby Goldfinch m Thomas H Lauder

Goymer Richard S W Goymer Eliza M Holbrook Ada Goymer

Eliza Goymer

Ann Goymer m William G Alder

Richard Goymer m Emma Stephenson

John Goymer m Pheobe Ratcliffe

William Goymer m Sarah A Hallock

Ellen Goymer

Hayward Henry Thomas Hayward (the younger) 1)Margaret Catherine Spinner
2) Kate Clark
Elizabeth Sarah Ann Hayward

Henry J Hayward

Elizabeth Jane Hayward m Henry Edward Marshall

Charles Thomas Hayward

Annie Hayward m Alexander Upton

Henry John Guy Hayward

Isaac Garnet Hayward

Emma Elizabeth Hayward

Alice Maud Hayward m William Ashington

Herbert Arthur Hayward m Ruby Loretta Dighton

Margaret Ellen Hayward m James Ball

Florence Amelia Hayward m Christopher W Mercer

Dolly Hayward

Violet Jessie Hayward m Albert J Copper

Dorothy Kate Hayward

Albert Edward Hayward m 1) Daisy E Denne
2) Mabel S Norris

Halford John Halford Frances Cox Mary Halford

Sarah Halford

Frances Halford m Edward Jones

Sarah Halford m William Thomas Hobbs

Alfred Halford

Mary Ann Halford m Thomas Bishton

Thomas Halford

John Halford

Harding Henry John
Hayward E Edward Hayward Julia Martha Hayward

Ellen Hayward m Daniel Richard Shilabeer

Edward Hayward

Edward Hayward

Fanny Hayward m Frank Chorley

Agnes Hayward

Agnes Hayward

Frank Hayward m Millicent Amelia Randell

Arthur Hayward

Egbert Hayward m Elizabeth Jane Andrews

Frederick Hayward m Edith Doyle

Hayward H Henry Thomas (the elder) Jane Rolt Henry T Hayward

Henry T Hayward

Edward T Hayward m Sarah Miles

Thomas Hayward

Francis William Hayward

George Frederick Hayward

Hayward I Isaac Gammon Hayward Eliza Walters Henry T Hayward m 1)Margaret C Spinner
2)Kate Clark

William G Hayward m Susannah Bouldon

John G Hayward m Sarah A Epsley

Isaac Hayward m Susannah Nicholls

Thomas Hayward m Ellen Lovegrove

Hayward T Thomas Hayward jnr. 1) Keziah Gammon
2) Dorothy Tapley
Thomas Gammon Hayward

William Gammon Hayward m Frances Chitty

Keziah Hayward m Henry Weston

John Gammon Hayward m Mary Clement

Sarah Anthony Hayward m Henry Terry

Maria Gammon Hayward

Isaac Gammon Hayward m Eliza Walters

Thomas Hayward

Dorothy Hayward m William Weston

Thomas Hayward m Sarah Jane Carroway

Ann Gammon Hayward m John Thistleton

William Gammon Hayward

Henry Thomas Hayward m Jane Rolt

Edward Tapley Hayward m Sarah Montgomery

Hayward T Thomas Hayward sen 1) Mary White
2) Margaret Priest
Richard Hayward m Mary Carr

Lancelot Hayward m Mary Whendell

Thomas Hayward m 1) Keziah Gammon
2) Dorothy Tapley

Robert Hayward

John Hayward m Marian Ann Wilkins

James Hayward m Mary Holbrook

Hobday Edward Hobday Elizabeth Went Frederick Willoughby Hobday m Mary Ann Smith

Susannah Hobday

Frances Elizabeth Hobday m James Coveney

Sarah Ann Copper Hobday m William Ewell

Mary Jane Hobday m John Bass

William George Hobday m Susannah E Pott

Emma Went Hobday m William W Dyke

Holman Harry Holman Louisa Josephine Chiswell
Holman William Edward Holman Pricilla Mary Unwin Harry Holman m Louisa Josephine Chiswell

Joseph Edward Holman m May Lillian Penny AKA Chloris Lillian Cotten

Alice Emma Holman m John Edward Robinson

Ellen Louisa Holman m Frederick Hearne

Alfred John Holman m Doreen Elsie Warren

Frederick James Holman m Violet Foxwell

Hulke William Hulke Elizabeth Pollard King William King Hulke m Ann Street

Thomas Manley Hulke m Ellen Barrett

Mary Ann Hulke m Edward Wilmott

Robert Shaw King Hulke

Louisa Burton Hulke m Samuel Alderson Plumer

Emily Jane Hulke

John Whitaker Hulke m Julia Grace Ridley

Elizabeth King Hulke

Frederick Thomas m Charlotte Backhouse

Charles Hulke

Frances Charlotte Hulke

Ellen Noakes Powell Hulke

Victor Hulke

Hussey Charles Hussey
Jones Frances Jones nee Halford Edward Jones Edward Jonesm Fanny Balcombe

John Halfod Jones

Richard Jones

Thomas Jones

Fanny Jones

Lass Frederick W Lass
Leith Frederick Leith 1) Elizabeth A Williams
2) Jane Ball Bradley
Frederick Wingfield Leith m 1)Helen Philip
2)Florence G Marden
3) Lillian J Spurgen

Henry Hugesson Leith

Florence Leith m Reynell J Pack Beresford

George Piercy Leith

Alexander James Leith

Lister Joseph Lister

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