Just a word about the resources we use and how we cite them.

Unless stated otherwise, we use the online subscription sites of Ancestry and Findmypast for birth, marriage death and census records. These sites, depending, on the subscription level, offer other records too, in which case the site and information source will be cited.

As all sites rely on transcriptions, even where they offer an original image, errors do occur. We also use other free sites to cross-reference. It is worth noting that information is sold on. Therefore just because two sites have the same information it does not necessarily mean that it is correct. So when in doubt we like to check the original source if it is available.

If we are still uncertain about anything we either omit it or state the uncertainty.

British Newspaper Archives is the online subscription site we use for family notices and in particular for articles that may include the person or an event of interest. Findmypast, as the parent company, also has a newspaper archive as part of its subscription.

With thanks to The British Newspaper Archive ( who on applying for permission to use images expressed an interest in receiving feedback from us and in the progress of our website.