A History of Deal and its Neighbourhood by Stephen Pritchard 

The new handbook to the Downs neighbourhood

A Guide to Deal, Walmer, and the neighbourhood 1861 by E.F Giraud

Deal: Past and Present by Henry Stephen Chapman 

History of Deal 1914-1953 by E C Pain 

A History of Deal by John Laker 

Deal  Sad Smuggling Town by Gregory Holyoake 

Deal  All in the Downs by Gregory Holyoake 

A History of Deal by Gertrude Nunns

Deal 300 Then & Now

Bygone Kent – Monthly Journal 

Deal in Old Photographs by June Broady

A Historical Atlas of Kent by Lawson and Killing 

Old Pubs of Deal & Walmer (and Kingsdown & Mongeham) by Steve Glover & Michael Rogers 

Drinking in Deal by Andrew Sargent 

Discovering Deal by Barbara Collins 

The Deal Scene 1887 – 1977

The Invaders Shore by W P D Stebbing 

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Traders Remembered by Judith Davies

Deal Through Time by Robert Turcan

Vintage Views of Deal & Walmer by Gregory Holyoake

Wellington at Walmer  by Gregory Holyoake

Archaeologia Cantiana

A Traditional Community in Decline by  Dr. Jaquie Bower

The Deal Boatmen- Heroes or Villains  by Dr. Jaquie Bower

Minutes and Correspondence showing improvements in Deal

St. Andrews Church booklet

St Leonards Church booklet

Historical Town Survey

Bygone Deal & Walmer

The Book of Deal & Walmer  by Ivan Green

Drinking in Deal by  Andrew Sargent

Time to go  by Jerry Vyse

The History of Walmer and Walmer Castle by Charles R S Elvin

Records of Walmer Together with the Three Castles that keep the Downs by Charles R S Elvin