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This is a list of the Heads of Household whose family history you will find by clicking on their name. To help find a family connection, this list gives the names of wives, children and also their spouses.


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Head of Household Spouse/s Children and their Spouses
Sawyer William Arthur Sawyer Sarah Amos
Selth Charles Larkins Selth Caroline Mary Mowle Rose Caroline Selth m William Watson
Selth Christopher T Selth Mary Ann Marsh
Smith George Smith & Hannah Carter George Smith & Hannah Carter
Spain Edmund Spain Sarah Clayson nee Collman Sarah Collman Spain m John Dean

William Collman Spain m Mary Ann Florence nee Langridge

Elizabeth Spain

Edmund Thomas Spain

Mary Ann Spain

Thomas Long Spain

Elizabeth Clayson Spain

Edmund Spain m Sophia Mary Munt nee Townsend

Sugg Catherine Lee Sugg
Tapley A Amelia Tapley George Forsdick Hannah Forsdick m Uriah Mulholland

Frederick George Forsdick

William Henry Forsdick m Rosa Matthews

Elizabeth Ann Forsdick m Henry Cocking

Amelia Jane m Albert E Mathews

Florence Sarah Forsdick m James Bell

Edward Thomas Forsdick m Minnie F Venning

Sarah Ellen Forsdick m Charles W Saggs

George Albert Forsdick m Ada Knight

Arthur Ernest Forsdick m Alice K Gibbons

Emily Maud Forsdick m James C Wedge

Alfred Edgar Forsdick m Louisa Ford

Ethel May Forsdick m Charles W Beere

Tapley E Edward Tapley Sarah Ann Curling Hannah Tapley m 1) William Thomas Moss
2) Richard Thomas Hogbin

Sarah Wilkins Tapley m David Cuell
2) Samuel Hyams

Amela Jane Tapley m George Forsdick

Elizabeth Ann Tapley

Elizabeth Ann Tapley

Edward James Tapley

Tapley H Hannah Tapley 1) William Thomas Moss
2) Richard James Hogbin
Tapley J James Tapley Ann Wilkins John James Tapley m Elizabeth Mackins

Mary Jane Tapley

Elizabeth Ann Tapley

Jane Tapley

Edward Wilkins Tapley

Pleasant Harbor Tapley

Jane Wilkins Tapley m Edward Wilkins

Pleasant Harbor Tapley m 1) William Trott
2) Jeremiah Baile

Edward William Tapley

Edward Thurrell Tapley m Sarah Ann Curling

Thomas Gittens Tapley m Mary Dunn nee Marsh

Tapley P Pleasant Tapley 1) William Trott
2) Jeremiah Baile
Elizabeth Ann Mitchell Trott m Robert Cushney

Edward Robert Trott

William Henry Trott m Frances Elizabeth Marsh

Frances Sarah Trott m John Hodgson Smith

Ann Wilkins Trott m 1) John Smith
2) Henry David Lane

Tipper William Tipper Mary Ralph Ralph Tipper

William Tipper

Trigg Martha Ann Betts Trigg nee Williams William Trigg Albert E Trigg m Fanny Blaxland

William Trigg

George Spain m Emily H Knight

Florence May Trigg m Henry E King

Alice E Trigg m Horace E Laslett

Mark Trigg m Cecilia M Thompson

Jessie Trigg m Frederick Bushell

Edwin T Trigg m Rosina Whitlock

Gideon Trigg m Mabel m Laslett

Lilian R Trigg m Cecil E Grantham

Austin A Trigg

William E G Trigg m Ada E Williams

Underdown James M Underdown 1) Caroline Corbett
2) Caroline Loop
Underdown Mitchel & Mary Underdown Mary nee Tomlyn
Vincent J Sen John Vincent Senior 1) Elizabeth Thompson
2) Elizabeth Cole
John Vincent

Elizabeth Vincent m Frederick Langham

Sophia Vincent

John Vincent m Martha Brudenell

Samuel Vincent

Robert Vincent

Martha Vincent


Mary Vincent m Goerge Cox

James Vincent m Mary Sheldon

Edwin Vincent m Ellen Green


Vile Jacob Vile 1) Sophie Gurney Jenkins
2) Elizabeth Ralph
3) Sarah Dunn
Catherine Vile

Hannah Lambole Vile

Mary Ann Dunn m Charles William Henry Hutchins

Louisa Dunn Vile m William Wood

Emma Elizabeth Vile

Benjamin Jacob Vile

Jacob Vile

Vincent J Jnr John Vincent Junior Mary Brudenell Robert Vincent m Mary Ellen Andrews

Martha Vincent m James Richard Apps

Samuel Vincent m Charlotte Elizabeth Banning

Helen Vincent

Wilberforce Vincent m Fanny Sherman

Warwell Edward Thomas Warwell Ann Preston John Warwell

William Warwell m Emily Brackstone

Frances Elizabeth Jane Warwell

Richard Warwell m Stella Rose Illenden

Watt William Watt Anna M Sanky Henry Watt

William Godfrey Watt

Thomas Halliday Watt m Milicent Wright

Catherine Agnes Watt

Julia Frances Watt

Wellden George Wellden Mary Ann Cornwell Christiana Wellden m Ernest E Wench

Mary Ann Wellden m Frederick Cottew

George Wellden m 1) Amelia Cottew
2) Constance M Barker

Wellden John H Wellden Elizabeth A Broad Sophia Broad Wellden m Joseph A Thompson

Charles Broad Wellden m Annie M Boyce

Elizabeth Broad Wellden

Wellden Thomas Wellden Elizabeth Cornwell
Wellden William Wellden
Wellesley Sir Arthur Wellesley- The Duke of Wellington
Weston Ambrose Weston 1) Jane Shaw nee Gray
2) Ann Taylor
Weston Peter Charles Weston Lydia Highwood Charles John Weston (Shifnier) m Edith Hannah May

Mary Anna ( Annie) Weston m William Walter Shepherd

Lydia Weston

William Henry Weston m Fanny Charlotte Edith Ottaway

Kate Hannah Weston m Herbert Henry Harley

Albert Weston

Wilkins George Wilkins Elizabeth Tomlin Henry Wilkins m Emma J Chittenden

John Wilkins

Louisa Wilkins m William H Bish

George Bass Wilkins m Sarah A J Reynolds

James Richard Wilkins

Mary Elizabeth Wilkins

Annie Bass Wilkins

Willis William W Willis Ann Hooper Ann E Willis m John Best

William W Willis m Jane Belsey

James Willis m Frances Mortley

Susannah K Willis m 1)Benjamin Moat
2) William E Newton

John S Willis m Elizabeth M Cavell

Henry H Willis m Sarah P Brett

Jane H Willis m William N Hancock

Woodcock George Wells Woodcock Elizabeth Ann Rose Emma Louise Woodcock m Richard A Booth

George Herbert Woodcock m Amelia Dyer

Frederick Charles Woodcock m Sarah Ann Austin

Edith Annie Woodcock m Edward Allison

Ernest Edward Woodcock m Sarah A Cross

Alfred John Woodcock

Rose Millie Woodcock

Ethel Mary Woodcock

Hilda Amy Woodcock m Arthur Clowes

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