Thomas Goldfinch

West Street
Lower Street
Worthington Lane, Dover
St. Margaret’s at Cliffe
Last Lane, Dover

Occupation: Wheelwright, Carpenter, Victualler & Furniture Seller

Thomas Goldfinch was born and baptised in Sandwich in 1785. Ten years later in February 1795, he is committed to seven days in Dorchester Prison for being a “Rogue and a Vagabond.” Though aged only ten he tells the magistrate that he is twelve. What he was doing in Dorchester we just don’t know.

In 1799 Thomas is back in Kent and was apprenticed to carpenter Thomas Harrison in Mongeham where he learns his trade.

By 1809 he has finished his apprenticeship and has found employment in Deal where he met and married Ann Newing and they set up home together in West Street where their three children were all born. Their first child they named Ann Newing, after her mother. There is an error on her baptism record where her father’s name has been incorrectly written as ‘James’!

Ann Newing, the mother, died in West Street and in 1814 and the following year Thomas married Lucy Darby and moved into Lower Street. We believe this to be number four as successive carpenters and wheelwrights also ran businesses from this address it, therefore, must have had the space that a Wheelwright in particular required.

Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal – Friday 03 October 1823

In 1823 Thomas suffered the theft of his tools which is reported in the newspapers. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find what happened to the thief, Henry Johnson Smith. This is the last recorded mention we can find for Thomas in Deal but by 1841 we know he has moved into Dover where he remains until his death in 1861.

Goldfinch Sons

Thomas Barber Goldfinch moved to Calais where his children were all born. With his second wife, he emigrated to New South Wales, Australia, arriving on 4 November 1848. In the 1850s he took on several Public Houses in Sydney though he seems to go back to his original occupation of a Pork Butcher by the 1860s. He died in the Picton area of New South Wales in 1898.

George Lynch Goldfinch follows his brother to Australia arriving on 13 April 1849. He may have stayed with his brother when he first arrived as he gives his brother as the ‘relation in the colony’ on arrival. He didn’t stay long in Australia as in December 1850 he married Mary Futter in New Zealand. In the ‘Wise’s New Zealand Post Office Directory’, he is listed as a Wheelwright. He died there in 1904.

Name Born Baptised Married Died Buried
Thomas Goldfinch  15 January 1785 6 February 1785
St. Clement’s, Sandwich 
1)Ann Newing
13 May 1809
St. Mary’s, Walmer

Born 1795
Died 1814
West Street, Deal

2)Lucy Darby
16 May 1815
St. James, Dover

Born 1788
Died 1871

Last Lane, Dover
23 August 1861
St. Mary the Virgin, Dover

The Children of Thomas Goldfinch & Ann Newing

Name Born Baptised Married Died Buried
Anne Newing 1810 Deal
Susannah Jane 1811 Deal Sgt. Charles Smyth
23 June 1842
Westminster, London
Thomas Barber 1813
West Street
9 April 1813
St. Leonard’s
1) Ann Mary Furley
29 July 1834
St. James’, Dover

2) Hannah Plummer
25 August 1846
St. James’, Dover

The Children of Thomas Goldfinch & Lucy Darby

Name Born Baptised Married Died Buried
Martha Darby 1816
West Street
12 April 1816
St. George’s
James Wood
6 July 1846
St. Mary’s, Lambeth
27 March 1892
Tranmere, Cheshire
Charles William 10 April 1817
Lower Street
30 Aril 1817
St. George’s
Lower Street
19 May 1818
St. George’s
John 1818
Lower Street
6 November 1818
St. George’s
Lower Street
7 December 1819
John George Matthew 1820
Lower Street
26 May 1820
St. George’s
Sophia Redman
25 March 1850
?????, Canterbury
26 November 1905 1905
George Lynch 18 September 1822
Lower Street
23 October 1822
St. George’s
Mary Futter
25 December 1850
Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand
7 April 1904
Palmerston North City, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Manawatu, Horowhenua, New Zealand
Lucy Darby 1824
Lower Street
2 April 1824
St. George’s
Lower Street
21 April 1825
Sarah Lucy Darby Lower Street, Deal ?? 5 August 1832
St. Mary’s, Dover
Thomas Henry Lauder Knight
26 November 1860
Purfleet, Essex


Year Address Name Number of Males Number of Females
1811 Thomas Goldfinch 5 3
1821 Lower Street Thomas Goldfinch 3 4
1831 West Street Thomas Goldfinch


Year Address Name Relationship Occupation
1841 Worthington Lane, Dover Thomas Head Wheelwright
Lucy Wife
George Son
Lucy Daughter


Year Address Name Relationship Occupation
1851 St Margaret’s at Cliffe  Thomas Goldfinch Head Carpenter employing 2 men
Lucy Goldfinch  Wife


Year Address Name Relationship Occupation
1861 Last Lane, Dover  Thomas Goldfinch Head Furniture Dealer
Lucy Goldfinch  Wife
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