Christmas in the workhouse in 1849 saw  “…The Inmates of Eastry Union … regaled with a plentiful supply of roast beef and plum pudding on Christmas-day. ..”
The arrangement, we are told,  was made by the Governor and “…gave general satisfaction…”!!
We are sure it did given that their daily diet mainly consisted of bread, gruel and a small amount of vegetables and meat.

In 1860 Susannah Bayley, of Deal, left in her will monies to be distributed annually  “…the day before Christmas Day …” to twenty-four poor widows of the parish.

Mrs Pleasant Harbor Baile, formerly Trott nee Tapley

Pleasant was one such widow who may have benefited from such a charitable donation. Following the death of her first husband Pleasant and her children all spent time in Eastry Union Workhouse so may even have been “..regaled with roast beef and plum pudding..” on Christmas-day.

On December 23 1824 Mr. George Cunningham penned a letter asking Mr Mercer, his banker, to advance him £2 of his savings, as he is “ need of  a trifle partiklor being so near to Christmas..”  It seems George wanted to buy a “…small piece of beef…”  to share with his children on Christmas day, him being so ill “ …it may be the last Christmas-day i may ever be with them..” he wrote.

We hope that George enjoyed his trifle partiklor of beef;  this was indeed his last Christmas as he passed away the following November.

In 1928 a Brother Swallow of Deal’s  St. George the Martyr Lodge of the International Order of Good Templars, which was part of the Temperance Society, sent this to his fellow members.

We hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas
and are “regaled” by your Christmas Fare including your “trifle partiklor”!!