Drinking Fountain – Marke Wood Park

Marke Wood Park in Walmer was gifted to the town by Agnes Marke Wood of Walmer PlaceOriginally she had wanted to buy a plot of land on the Walmer Castle Meadow but this was refused, then she began to negotiate the purchase of the land between the Walmer Place estate and the Dover Road. This land belonged to the Transvall and Rhodesian Estates Ltd. Unfortunately Mrs Marke Wood died in May 1927 but her daughter the Contessa di Sant’Elia continued negotiations and the land was finally purchased.
Earl Beachamp, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, officially unveiled the memorial, on 2nd August 1930. Around the top of the memorial are four plaques that depict children playing with the words ‘tis love that makes the world go round’ inscribed on them.  On one side, facing the park, there is a plaque in memory of Agnes Marke Wood.
The memorial itself still stands in the park near the children’s play area, though the drinking fountain itself is no longer working.

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