Henry Tritton Reaks

Market Place, Dover
Alfred House Academy
Grove House, Ramsgate

Occupation: Schoolmaster

Henry was born and baptised in St. Martin’s Herne to Henry Reaks and Elizabeth nee Tritton. Sometime before his youngest brother Thomas was born in 1800 the family moved to Canterbury where they became Methodists worshipping at the Union Chapel- Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion, on Watling Street. Henry, unlike Thomas  and also their fellow schoolmaster brother James was to remain with the ‘connexion’ all his life and later even travelling from Deal to Dover’s Zion Chapel to have his children baptised.

In October 1812 Henry married Amelia Sophia Loop in St. Martins Church, Canterbury where the previous month Amelia had been a witness at her sister Caroline’s marriage to James Milner UnderdownSoon after Henry and Amelia married they moved to Market Street, Dover where Henry ran a school that proved to be so successful that four years later he had to look for larger premises. In 1816 Henry bought Walmer Academy from a Mr. Falera. Where exactly this school was is currently unknown.

By 1820 he had moved to Alfred House on Lower Street. It was this school that his brother Thomas was to take over in 1834/35 when Henry moved to Grove House in Ramsgate. He must have died soon after as we can find no further records for him after this. Certainly, when Selina Ann married in 1849 the newspaper said “…. only daughter of the late Henry Tritton Reaks, Esq. formerly of Grove House, Ramsgate”

Name Born Baptised Married Died Buried
Henry Tritton Reeks 1791 15 February 1791
St. Martin’s, Herne
Amelia Sophia Loop
10 October 1812
St. Martin’s, CanterburyBorn 1786
Died 1853
Unknown Unknown

The Children of Henry Tritton Reaks & Amelia Sophia Loop

Name Born Baptised Married Died Buried
Selina Ann 28 February 1814
St. Mary’s, Dover
25 April 1814
Zion House, Dover
David Mc Dougall
02 September  1849
Also on 
11 Sep 1849
Capel St Scots Presbyterian, Dublin
Frederick Pyott 20 November 1815
St. Mary’s, Dover
11 January 1816
Zion House
, Dover
King Street, Dover
9 Feb 1816
St. Mary’s Dover
William Henry 2 August 1817
15 September 1817
Zion House, Dover
10 December 1819
St. Peter’s, Sandwich
Alfred Meffen 16 January 1819
No date is given in 1819
Zion House, Dover
1)Anne Hoverton
24 August 1848
Dublin South, District
2) Emma Pim
6 July 1854
Monkstown, Dublin
23 April 1873
Sandymount, Dublin
Emma 1820 Unknown 1821
Lower Street
2 July 1821
St. George’s
Henry Tritton 4 April 1822
Lower Street,  Deal
3 July 1822
St. George’s, Deal
1825 23 March 1825
St. Lawrence, Ramsgate
Clara Sophia 22 Sep 1824
St. Lawrence, Ramsgate
23 March 1825
St. Lawrence, Ramsgate
Henry Tritton 1829


Year Address Name Number of Males Number of Females
1821 Lower Street, Deal Henry T Reaks

Trade and Street Directory

Directory and Year Trade or Occupation Address
Pigot’s Directory 1824-1826 Academy High Street, Ramsgate
Pigot’s Directory 1824 Academy Lower Street, Deal
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