John Vincent junior

Clarence House, 50 Lower Street

Occupation: Schoolmaster

1843 Tithe Map those areas marked by red dots are owned by John Vincent jnr.

John Vincent jnr. Was the fourth of the nine children born to John Vincent sen., the Minister of Deal’s Congregational Church, and his first wife, Elizabeth Thompson. John didn’t follow his father into the church but became a teacher. Where he trained we don’t know but by the time of his marriage in 1833, to Mary Brudenell, he was a Schoolmaster. It looks as if John purchased Clarence House in 1834. It was already being run as a Boarding School for boys by Thomas Reaks at the time.

Kentish Gazette – Tuesday 15 April 1834

Pigot’s Directory of 1840 tells us that he was running a Gentlemens Boarding School at Clarence House, in Lower Street,  though the 1841 census only gives the name of one pupil maybe he was the only one boarding at that time. The Tithe Map and Schedule of 1843 informs us that he was both owner and occupier of 50 Lower Street and the surrounding gardens. By 1851 he has thirteen boarding pupils and we assume other day pupils too including his two youngest sons Samuel and Wilberforce.

Not much more is known about John Vincent as he sadly died on 25 May 1851 of consumption (tuberculosis). He left a will but this is not available online. His obituary in the South Eastern Gazette marks him out as a man held in high esteem.

South Eastern Gazette – Tuesday 03 June 1851

Mary stayed in Deal at least until around 1861. At the time that years census was taken, she is listed as a Schoolmasters Widow and a visitor at 183 Lower Street the home of John Bayly the Grocer and Tallow Chandler .John’s wife had recently given birth so Mary could have been helping during that time.

It looks as if the enumerator got a little confused when taking or when transcribing the details for Clarence House, which was still Mary’s home. Martha and Wilberforce, the last two Vincent children living at home, are there but are listed as the children of John S Pembrooke. To add to the confusion modern transcribers have also made an error with the Vincent surname transcribing that as Benceal! This John is a Trinity Cinque Ports Pilot and could be lodging with the Vincents and even a friend of Martha’s future husband James Richard Apps. Sadly John S Pembrooke died in 1862 following a collision at sea with a large barque, just off Dover.
By 1871 Mary is living with her eldest son Robert in Hitchen, Hertfordshire. She died the following year on 13 May 1872. Probate records on Ancestry tell us she left just under £5 to her family.

From the South Eastern Gazette – Tuesday 27 December 1853 giving more names of the students of Clarence House Academy and their achievements.

Name Born Baptised Married Died Buried
John Vincent 25 October 1805 25 January 1806
Congregational Church
Mary Brudenell
10 October 1833
St. Leonards ChurchBorn 1808
Kingscliffe, Northamptonshire
Died 1872
Hitchin, Hertfordshire
25 May 1851

The Children of John Vincent jnr. & Mary Brudenell

Name Born Baptised Married Died Buried
Robert 1835 Mary Ellen Andrews
St. Marys Portsea
5 April 1922
Eythorn Thatcham, Berkshire
Martha 1836 James Richard Apps
19 June 1903
24 June 1903
Hamilton Road Cemetery
Samuel 1838 Charlotte Elizabeth Banning
8 December 1922
Helen 1840 1842
Wilberforce 1842 Fanny Sherman
10 December 1873
22 February 1923
1 Borely Road, West End  Hampshire


Year Address Name Relationship Occupation
1841 Lower Street John Head Schoolmaster
Mary Wife
Robert Son
Martha Daughter
Samuel Son
Helen Daughter
Samuel Clause
Sarah Stokes Servant


Year Address Name Relationship Occupation
1851 50 Lower Street John Head Schoolmaster
Mary Wife
Robert Son Apprentice Draper
Martha Daughter
Samuel Son Scholar at Home
Wilberforce Son Scholar at Home

Below is the list of students and lastly the household’s Domestic Servant

John C Stodart Boarder Male 13 1838 Scholar (Home) Leeds, Yorkshire, England
John F Rowe Boarder Male 13 1838 Scholar (Home) Margate, Kent, England
John Inge Boarder Male 11 1840 Scholar (Home) Wingham, Kent, England
May Inge Boarder Male 11 1840 Scholar (Home) Wingham, Kent, England
Robert Morford Boarder Male 10 1841 Scholar (Home) Middlesex, England
Frederic Morford Boarder Male 9 1842 Scholar (Home) Middlesex, England
Edward Warrington Boarder Male 12 1839 Scholar (Home) London, Middlesex, England
John F Warrington Boarder Male 9 1842 Scholar (Home) London, Middlesex, England
Holiday Williams Boarder Male 11 1840 Scholar (Home) London, Middlesex, England
Arthur Tibbetts Boarder Male 11 1840 Scholar (Home) Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, England
John C Pasmore Boarder Male 9 1842 Scholar (Home) Windsor, Berkshire, England
Ann Fittell Boarder Female 25 1826 Domestic Serv Kent, England


Year Address Name Relationship Occupation
1861 183 Lower Street John Bayly Head Grocer & Tallow Chandler
Martha Bayly Wife
Thomas Bayly Son
Mary Vincent Visitor
Sarah Marsh Servant Female Servant


Year Address Name Relationship Occupation
1871 Brand Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire Robert Vincent Head Registrar & B D Relieving Officer
Mary E Wife
Robert Percy Son
John Edwin Son
Harry Douglas Son
William Herbert Son
Lillian Mary Daughter
Maud Ellen Daughter
Mary Mother Income derived from house property

Trade and Street Directory

Directory and Year Trade or Occupation Address
Pigot’s Directory 1840
under Academies and Schools (boarding)
Clarence House, Lower Street
Bagshaw’s Directory 1847
under Academies Gentlemans Boarding School
50 Lower Street

Poll Books (selected)

 Year Profession Qualifying Residence’s
1849 50 Lower Street
1850 50 Lower Street
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